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Bathroom remodels are among our most popular projects. We've built many baths of different styles, sizes, and shapes.You spend time in your bathroom every day, so you'll want the space to reflect your own personal style. Choosing the right design, fixtures, and finishes are very important. There are so many choices to be made, and we can help you navigate through the seemingly endless possibilities.  


Your bathroom will be your most used environment in your home. These areas have to withstand water from wall to wall. Bathroom projects don't always start as a "want to" project; sometimes a water leak gets the process started, which causes us to look at how the bath may be out of date or just does not look the way you would like it to.  





custom bath remodelA common customer viewpoint is that their bathroom was built with many short-comings. They have all the parts and pieces (tub, shower, vanity, and toilet), but feel the builder had little regard for the way most people use them.

One of the most common complaints is the limited space inside the shower. Therefore, most of our projects include the expansion of the shower to make it more like our customer's vision. In most cases, we also add a bench for comfort. You'd be surprised what we can do with just a few extra inches in the shower!


In some cases we remove or relocate walls to create additional space.


We've seen a growing trend with our customers removing the tub altogether, in exchange for a spa-like shower area. As long as there's another tub in the house, that functionality isn't lost.

Unlike most other projects in your home, bathrooms are complicated remodels because of relocation of water lines and waterproofing. That’s why it's important to work with a company that specializes in these items. Round Rock Restoration does many bathroom remodel projects every year. Bathroom remodels require many visits to your home, and lots of manpower.


On average, a full master bath remodels can take approximately 3 ½ weeks to complete.


custom bath remodelThere are many phases of work during those 3 ½ weeks, and something happens every day on your project. We space out our remodel work so we can give each project the time and attention it needs to be the very best it can be.

We know that it's a big disruption to be without a bathroom in your home, and understand the importance of completing your project as quickly as possible. We will make every effort to reduce your inconvenience, and we'll protect your home every step along the way.





Guest bath, full bath, kid’s bath, extra bath- however you refer to them, they are in most homes. They're usually small (approximately 5’x8’), so we will help you to maximize space. It's often a good choice to completely change the bath and re-configure the cabinets to provide a more compact and useable room.

Kids having fun with water in the bath seems harmless enough until it creates damage to the floor, tub, and baseboard area. 


We have repaired more water damage to second bathrooms than any other area of the home. 


For this reason we take extra steps when doing these projects. We spend a little extra time waterproofing the floor areas, and we use tile coping along the floor instead of a wood baseboard. These small things can mean that you will have many extra years of enjoying your second bath.





Half bathroom, or powder room, renovations are generally used by both your family and guests. Half baths are smaller and have fewer components to remodel. A full remodel of a half bath generally includes flooring, vanity cabinet or pedestal sink, toilet, lighting, wall finishing, and a few decorative towel bars. This is an area where we can use those really dramatic granites or marbles that will really make a statement.


Invite us out to show you how we can transform your bath into your dream spa!


Take a look at our testimonials page and read about some of our bathroom projects and how satisfied our customers are. Also, check out the Gallery to see some before and after pictures of bathroom remodels.

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