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Interior and Exterior Painting


Painting and trim work are very quick ways to brighten any room or provide a completely new look. Painting your home - inside or outside - can be completed in a matter of just a few days. We use only the best paint products and equipment to create the finest quality look for your home.



Painting serves two important functions: First to beautify, and second is to protect.




Our Exterior Painting Process


  1. First, we power wash all surfaces to remove dirt and mildew. This will allow the new finish coat to adhere properly

  2. Before we get started, we inspect all surfaces for loose or damaged siding and trim. If any repairs are needed, we'll bring them to your attention immediately.

  3. Next, we caulk all previously caulked gaps and cracks, which will seal out moisture and drafts.

  4. Then, we scrape all loose and peeling paint so we are sure to have a firm base for the new paint.

  5. Where necessary, we sand and de-gloss to promote adhesion of the top coat.

  6. If we see any loose nails along the way, we will reset them.

  7. And if we find a bare spot on the surface, we will spot prime it to create a seal so the new paint will bond properly.




We paint all siding, facia, soffit, gutters, and down spouts, the back door, garage door, and lintels.


Our work speaks for itself! Don’t forget to visit our Testimonials page to hear what our clients are saying about us.





Our Interior Painting Process



  1. We work with the client to determine color and design selections.

  2. We carefully tape and section off the work area to protect the areas not being painted.

  3. Next, we prepare the walls as needed (primer, kills, etc).

  4. If needed, we will repair cracks and nail holes in walls and ceilings with caulk.

  5. Then, we assess the need for any tape/texture work and discuss with client if needed.

  6. Now we paint the walls, ceilings and trim as agreed using premium paints.

  7. We always clean up and haul off all materials.

  8. Finally, we do a walk-through with the client to ensure satisfaction.


To see more painting examples, visit our Gallery. Then check out our customer testimonials.

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