Our Services
NEW! General Handyman Services (Click HERE for more information.)
  • No project is too big or too small for us to handle: We can fix, install or take care of everything from ceiling fans to drywall repairs and paint touch-ups – and everything in between. Whatever it takes to get your home looking and functioning the way you need it to.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything home-related we could take care of for you. Email us at info@roundrockrestoration.com or give us a call: 512-341-8795.
Residential Work
Please find some of the services we provide below and contact us for more details about any project you are working on.

Bathroom Remodeling
  • Bathroom remodels are among our most popular projects, as your bathroom is your most used environment in your home.
  • Unlike most other projects in your home, bathrooms are complicated remodels because of relocation of water lines and waterproofing -- that’s why it's imperative to work with a company, like Round Rock Restoration, that specializes in these items.
  • We know that it's a big disruption to be without a bathroom in your home, and understand the importance of completing your project as quickly as possible. We will make every effort to reduce your inconvenience, and we'll protect your home every step along the way.
  • See some of our favorite bathroom projects here & here!
Kitchen Renovation
  • Kitchen projects are another one of our popular remodels, as remodeling a kitchen is often at the top of our clients' wish list, especially as styling choices continue to increase.
  • Kitchen remodels generally include new floors, counters, custom lighting and a custom backsplash.
  • On average, kitchen renovations can be completed within two weeks. The key is having all your products chosen, ordered, and in our hands prior to the start of your project -- we will help make that happen for you!
  • See some of our favorite kitchen projects here & here!
Interior & Exterior Painting
  • Painting serves two important functions: First to beautify, and second to protect.
  • Painting and trim work are very quick ways to brighten any room or provide a completely new look
  • We use only the best paint products and equipment to create the finest quality look for your home.
  • Changing the lighting in your kitchen and other areas of your home can have a dramatic effect on their style and warmth.
  • Upgrading lighting is one area that can give you the most return for your investment -- many of our clients not only change existing lighting, but add additional lighting to enhance the feel.
General Remodeling
  • Many of our clients are choosing to remodel their current home instead of purchasing a new home -- as this can be less expensive and provide the the exact features.
  • Whether you would like a simple room conversion, remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, or a complete room addition to your home, Round Rock Restoration can get the job done quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

Commercial Work

We not only do residential work, but happy to work with you on your next commercial endeavor as well

Investor Property Feasibility
  • If you are an investor, we can help you with a total rehab of your investment property, so you can cash flow in record time!
  • Ask us about our Investment Property Feasibility Study, which provides high-level rehab estimates and recommendations, and can greatly help you with your purchase decision.
Commercial Painting
  • Round Rock Restoration can help with your commercial building paint needs.
  • We can paint one room or the entire office, inside or out.
Commercial Remodeling
  • We have many commercial remodeling services, such as the ability to open or close a wall, add doors, move lighting, reconfigure the entire office, or demolish existing build-out. We've completed over 750 commercial projects, including restaurants and offices.
  • We are able to schedule our work outside of normal business hours, to accommodate client needs.
Custom Flooring
  • Updating your floors can have a dramatic effect on the overall feel of your home, and is a great way to increase the value of your home.
  • Many of our customers are trending away from the old standards such as carpet, in favor of hard surface flooring.
  • Contact us today, and we are happy to walk through before & after images to help you decide what flooring option is best for your home
Room Reconfiguration
  • Changing how you use a space in a home can have many benefits.
  • Many of our projects involve converting under-utilized formal living rooms into private home offices.
  • By having this space separated with walls in a door you can close, you can focus on the project at hand and still be within reach if your family needs you.
Aging in Place
  • We're all getting older. The question is: Can you stay in the home you love, or will you have to move? Thanks to advancements in technology, independence is possible well into our golden years.
  • There are a few simple things that can be done to make life easier as we age -- such as changing out your traditional door handles for easier lever-types or installing grab bars inside shower and water closet areas.
  • As accessibility needs change, we can convert standard tubs and showers into safer and more usable areas.